Fatal poisoning with alcohol and drugs in the Greater Amman County.

Abu-al Ragheb SY. Hadidi KA.


Forensic Science International. 99(3):209-15, 1999 Jan 25.
UI: 10098259



A study of fatal poisoning due to alcohol and drugs was carried out, to examine the mortality resulting from alcohol and drugs in the Greater Amman County, Jordan. A retrospective review of all autopsy records and certified deaths issued by the Department of Forensic Medicine at Jordan University Hospital in the greater Amman county was undertaken. During the 18 years (1978-1996) 6109 postmortem cases were performed in our department. A total of 60 cases were identified and analyzed according to age, race, sex, manner of death of the victims along with blood alcohol concentration, the drug detected at autopsies, the scene circumstances, and the geographic location of the accident and death.


Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Division, Faculty of Medicine, University of Jordan, Amman.